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A Legal & Ethical Review of CONCUSSIONS & SPORTS

Key Takeaways for the Athletic Trainer, Athletic Director, Coach, Heath Care Provider, and Parent - Write My Essay
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The Fall 2014 edition The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, a peer-reviewed pub- lication by The American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics, focuses on an issue that is quickly moving to the forefront of na- tional (and international) attention: sports concussions. The Journal issue is a thorough examination of the legal, ethical, and moral questions that arise in relation to the edu- cation of athletes and their families about concussions, return-to-play standards, and the impact of rule and equipment changes.

If you are involved in athletics in any capacity—as an athlete or the parent of an athlete, coach, athletic trainer, physical therapist, healthcare provider, athletic director, school administrator, or legal counsel—concussions will soon be a topic of everyday conversation and debate, if they’re not already.

What we learn in this issue is that there is a gap between adhering to laws and actually protecting the brains of our youth, high school, college, and professional athletes. There is also a real danger in assuming that obeying legislation is in any way synonymous with the protection of our athletes. In fact, the report argues that new legislation, rule changes, and supposed equipment improvements create a dangerous (and false) sense that we’ve injected sufficient safety into inherently unsafe activities.

In the end, anyone responsible for the health and safety of athletes will inevitably confront the following question: is it enough to meet a legal standard, when it comes to concussion health, or are there obligations that extend beyond the law?

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