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An Interview with Joe Davies and Scott Goren of Onsite Innovations - Write My Essay

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe and Scott. What struck me in our conversation was the passion they both exuded – it was palpable! Passion not only for employees of the organization but their clients too. Employee and client success is paramount and it was very evident to me that their culture is conducive to the success of all parties involved. It really came across just how genuine and sincere the organization is and how much they deeply care about people. I found their passion and dedication to their core values very refreshing.

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Built Like a Brick House – Cybex II Almost Four Decades Old and Still Performing Like New - Write My Essay

An Interview with Dave Witter, Physical Therapy Assistant at Memorial Lighthouse Physical Therapy

Can you tell me a little bit about your professional background and experience?

I am a Physical Therapist Assistant here at Memorial Lighthouse. I have been doing this for five years now; I was kind of late to it. I was in carpentry for a long time and decided I needed a career change. That’s when I got into physical therapy.

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Small Business the Life of This Party - Write My Essay

This past Saturday, our CEO was published in the print and online versions of the Herald. Below you will find the article in its entirety.

Could I Be Elected President?

As I was lying awake last night I started thinking about the number of people, myself included, who voted election after election and this year find themselves unsure of what to do. Since this has been called an election unlike any other, I thought, Could I Be Elected President? I picked-up my iPhone, did some web searches, and here is my plan.

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