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Inbound Marketing for Physical Therapists: Part 1

A primer on marketing techniques anyone can use to built a physical therapy practice - Write My Essay - Write My Essay


You thought the hard part was over. After all of those years in the classroom, followed by still more years of on-the-job training, you’ve firmly established a career in physical therapy. Now you’ve decided to launch your own practice.

All of those hours of training and toiling have come to this, the moment when you unlock the doors of your own physical therapy practice and welcome the crowd of new patients waiting outside. It’s a dream come true.

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Concussions & Sports–Legal & Ethical Review: Part 1

Key Takeaways for the Athletic Trainer, Athletic Director, Coach, Heath Care Provider, and Parent - Write My Essay - Write My Essay

Alan Schwarz, award-winning National Correspondent for the New York Times who authored the introduction to The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics1 “Concussion and Sports” special issue, cites the almost nonsensical way in which we’re dealing with the problem of concussions in American sports.

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