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Inbound Marketing for Physical Therapists: Part 1

A primer on marketing techniques anyone can use to built a physical therapy practice - Write My Essay - Write My Essay - Write My Essay


You thought the hard part was over. After all of those years in the classroom, followed by still more years of on-the-job training, you’ve firmly established a career in physical therapy. Now you’ve decided to launch your own practice.

All of those hours of training and toiling have come to this, the moment when you unlock the doors of your own physical therapy practice and welcome the crowd of new patients waiting outside. It’s a dream come true.

Well, it’s a dream, at least. But the truth is, no matter how skilled you are, no matter how impressive your credentials, your practice won’t survive and thrive without that most dreaded of words:


Sure, you put an ad in the paper they give out for free at the supermarket. Maybe you even invested in a mailer announcing your services to the local community. Perhaps you’ve put up some balloons and a big sign announcing your new venture.

Inevitably, though, the balloons deflate and you’re faced with a difficult reality: the door just isn't opening.

But your resolve is unshakable. So you check out a few books from the library, perform a few Google searches and devise a plan. Before long, you’ve launched a handful of social media sites, joined some professional groups, maybe even started a blog. And the results are in: still nothing.

So now you open an email from an “expert” who, for just a few hundred dollars a month, can give you a sparkling new website, teach you a few things about search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns (whatever those are), and your business will be transformed. Sounds great. But there’s a problem: there are five other vendors who’ve left messages on your voice mail with similar promises, and they all advise completely unique courses of action.

You got into this because you wanted to work with patients. You’re not a salesperson and never claimed to be. You thought your skills and reputation would be enough.

In an ideal world, you would (perhaps even should) be correct. But, unfortunately, that’s not how it works.
So now we come to the point of this document. In this introductory guide, we’re going to talk to you about the concept of inbound marketing and how it might work for your business.

Inbound marketing is not a magic bullet. It requires work and patience. It takes time to show results. But if the latest research and case studies are correct, it could just be the fork in the road you need to take in order to put your business on the map.

The best part about an inbound strategy is that it relies on what you know (physical therapy and general health topics) and not on what you don’t (sales and marketing). With inbound marketing you leverage the knowledge you have of your occupation, and of the issues that your patients care about, to build your practice organically.

There are numerous websites devoted to the topic of inbound marketing, and there are countless vendors ready to pitch their inbound marketing services to you. It can be difficult to know who to trust, and which advice to take. Can you do this yourself, or do you need to hire someone to do it for you? It all depends on how much time you have to devote to this effort.

The first step is to learn what it takes in order to launch an inbound marketing strategy, and what it looks like when it succeeds.

Download the complete primer, Inbound Marketing for Physical Therapists, here

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Inbound Marketing for Physical Therapists
Inbound Marketing for Physical Therapists
A primer on marketing techniques anyone can use to build a physical therapy practice - Write My Essay - Write My Essay - Write My Essay