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10/01/2010 - Write My Essay


Most problems are caused by a lack of communication and solved by improved communication. CSMi is working hard to prevent the former and achieve the latter. Our revived CSMi ReadOut newsletter will let us communicate with our customers and will feature helpful tips for using CSMi products. We hope you find it valuable and worthy of your time. Let us know what you think.

SportsWareOnLine Survey

In Brazil this month our distributor introduced me to a local saying, “he who uses his mouth gets to Rome first.” In other words ask questions to get to your destination quickly. The timing of this lesson was a coincidence, as CSMi just finished surveying SportsWareOnLine users to understand how it is being used and how it needs to be improved.

We were encouraged that 93% of SportsWareOnLine users' expectations were met or exceeded. Many respondents wanted to see a better user manual and online tutorial videos, which are both in the works now. The most common themes for improvements were instantly customizable picklists and custom reports. Our developers are working hard on the next version of SportsWareOnLine and your feedback plays a major part in that work. Thank you.
Biodex Extremity Systems - Wanted DEAD or ALIVE

This summer CSMi released the HUMAC Upgrade for the Biodex System2 and System3 Extremity Systems. This created a third product – refurbished Biodex Extremity Systems upgraded with HUMAC. CSMi is currently buying used Biodex (and CYBEX NORM) Extremity Systems to meet this demand. If you are interested in turning your dead or unwanted Biodex into cash or an upgrade let us know...

SportsWare for Desktops

SportsWare Desktop(SWDT) 2011 has been out for several months now and users are taking advantage of the new features. If you purchased SWDT 2010 after April 1, 2010 and have not yet downloaded your free upgrade to SWDT 2011, go to our installation instructions now and learn how to take advantage of your upgrade.

CSMi is looking to connect with SWDT owners and learn about what people like and what can be improved. Next week CSMi will email a brief survey to SWDT Owners. If you own SWDT we would love your feedback and ideas. Why wait? Take the SWDT Survey today.


Good things come to those who participate! Please join us in congratulating Scott Sunderland of Knox College, our iPad winner for the SWOL survey. Armed with his new iPad Scott will be able to record, manage and report information wherever he goes.

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