HUMAC Software for Balance


Physical Therapy is fun... and with the interactive HUMAC Balance Games Physical Therapy can be fun for the patient too. The HUMAC Balance includes Down Hill Skier, Flight, Tilt Board, Breakout, and Pong games so Physical Therapy is always fun and exciting.

HUMAC Main Menu

HUMAC Balance Software includes the most common balance and weight bearing test & exercise protocols, displays, and reports. The program is easy-to-learn and easy-to-operate so clinicians and patients will be up and running in no time.

HUMAC Dashboard

The HUMAC Dashboard makes it simple to get your patients up and exercising on the HUMAC Balance Board. Select Dashboard, a feedback option and Go. It's easy and fast. Plus the Dashboard includes an option to print out the results of the exercise session.

HUMAC Center of Pressure (COP) Display

The HUMAC COP Display is used during Clinic Test of Sensory Input Balance (CTSIB), Concussion Testing, Core Stability Training, and Lower Limb Stability Training. Real-time Visual Biofeedback Displays such as COP greatly enhance the patient's experience during exercise.

HUMAC Weight Bearing Display

Sometimes the simplest displays are the most informative and the HUMAC Weight Bearing Display is a perfect example. Every clinician prescribes squats for lower extremity involved patients (from wheelchair to full weight bearing) with the advice "keep your weight balanced." Now patients can see in real-time just how balanced they are right to left or anterior to posterior without mirrors or clinicians watching.

HUMAC Weight Shift Display

Once an area of deficiency has been identified the HUMAC Weight Shift Display can be used to guide a patient toward or away from the area. Progress is evaluated by tracking good hits vs. bad hits (moving from one side to the other with going outside the pink lines) and elapsed time.