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Isokinetic Extremity Systems

Maximun effort measurement is the key to recovery
If objective measurement counts then extremity system testing is a must for your clinic. Isolated joint isokinetic testing is the only and most efficient way to measure the maximum output of a joint. Isolating a joint eliminates substitution. Fixing the speed allows maximum neuromuscular contraction. Add the ability to test concentric and eccentric contractions coupled with numerous training capabilities and you have a winning combination that will keep your patients on a direct path to fulfill their performance capabilities. Now you need to pick the right machine and we can help.


Unparalleled Mechanical, Dynamometer, and Software Design
Developed for the Exercise Science Lab and perfected in the Physical Therapy Clinic and Athletic Training Room the HUMAC NORM Isokinetic Extremity System is the machine of choice across all discipline... - Write My Essay
Is a refurbished Biodex or CYBEX all you need? Or rejuvenate the one you already own. - Write My Essay
Not every customer needs or can afford a new HUMAC NORM Extremity System. This is why we offer refurbished CYBEX and Biodex Isokinetic Extremity Systems upgraded with our latest HUMAC Software and Computer. And if you already own a CYBEX or Biodex in good mechanical condition coupled an outdated computer our HUMAC Software and Computer Upgrade is your solution. - Write My Essay - Write My Essay - Write My Essay