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HUMAC Extremity Software

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An Isokinetic Extremity System is only as good as its software and software is our specialty. In 1982 CSMi released the first PC-based computer system for the CYBEX II. Since then our in-house programmers have collected ideas from our customers, our competitors and our contacts to make sure the HUMAC Software is the most intuitive, informative, and productive software available. - Write My Essay
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Easy-To-Follow Menu Bar
The HUMAC Software's menu bar is easy to follow. To perform a Test, Exercise, or generate a Report simply pick a patient and follow the on-screen props. For example to run at test select Patient, Test, Pattern, Protocol and you are ready to test. Two-speed Bi-lateral knee tests can be completed from patient set-up to report in hand in under in 10 minutes. Follow-up tests can be completed even faster Quick Test routine. - Write My Essay
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The HUMAC Software includes 22 test and exercise patterns to choose from. In addition the CW/CCW pattern allows the user to create their own patterns not listed in the HUMAC. And since the HUMAC dynamometer can rotate 360 degrees the number of patterns you can create is virtually unlimited. - Write My Essay
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The HUMAC Software offers a wide variety of visual feedback options from traditional Torque vs. Time or Torque vs. Position line graphs and bar graphs to not so traditional Roadways, Interactive Feedback, and games such as Pong and Breakout. - Write My Essay
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The HUMAC offers a variety of test and progress reports. Report can be generated immediately after a test or recalled at any time from the database. Progress Report compare any two tests for the same patient that used the same test protocol. - Write My Essay
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The HUMAC includes an integrated group summary program so you spend you time analyzing results and drawing conclusions instead of adding numbers calculating simple parameter values. In addition the Group Summary lets the clinician provide immediate feedback to patients relative to a similar clinician defined patient group using locally collected patient data. - Write My Essay
On-Line Help System - Write My Essay - Write My Essay

The HUMAC Software is very easy to use. However should you need some assistance select the Help button in the lower right corner of any window. HUMAC Help will open to the page in the on-line manual that goes this the screen you are in in the software. - Write My Essay - Write My Essay - Write My Essay