HUMAC NORM2 Extremity & Work Simulation System

Designed to Meet the Needs of PT and OT

Until now the clinician had to make a choice - select a testing and rehabilitation system designed for the physical therapist or the occupational therapist. Now the HUMAC NORM2 meets the needs of the physical therapist and the occupational therapist by allowing access to the front of the machine and adding a 3 dimensional cable attachment.

Traditional Extremity System Patterns
The HUMAC NORM2 patented in-line design includes 22 isolated joint patterns for shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. Standing trunk extension/flexion is available. The in-line design minimizes adjustments which results in quick sets-up and a rigid testing platform.

Work Simulation Patterns Plus
The HUMAC NORM2's dynamometer shaft turns 360 degrees allowing the system to offer the most popular functional movements from turning a valve to performing a squat, upright row, or arm curl. The unique HUMAC Wheel attachment provides the clinician with an unlimited number of three dimensional patterns.

Intuitive Software
Intuitive HUMAC Software makes it easy to learn and operate the HUMAC NORM Extremity System. Vivid and unique exercise display help keep patients motivated. Full-page test, progres and group summary reports make it is to communicate baselines, progress, and performance relative to local norms.

Try Before You Buy
Plan to purchase an Isokinetic Extremity System within the next 9 months? Then contact us today to schedule an expenses paid trip for two to CSMi in Boston to try the HUMAC NORM. US Customers only.