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Only CSMi Offers Refurbished CYBEX & Biodex Updated With HUMAC - Write My Essay

When the budget will not allow or your needs does not justify the purchase of a new HUMAC NORM Isokinetic Extremity System, a factory refurbished CYBEX or Biodex upgraded with a new HUMAC System is your solution. Each machine is rebuilt at our factory and upgraded with our latest HUMAC Software, HUMAC Dynamometer Control Board, and a new DELL Computer. Refurbished Machines are backed by a warranty and include installation and on-site training by a CSMi technician.

Refurbished Extremity Systems:

  • Biodex System2 Double Chair With HUMAC
  • Biodex System2 Single Chair Wth HUMAC
  • Biodex System3 With HUMAC
  • Biodex System4 With HUMAC

Expand your measurement, training, or research capabilities with a refurbished CYBEX or Biodex Isokinetic Extremity System from CSMi. Contact CSMi today. - Write My Essay - Write My Essay - Write My Essay