HUMAC360 Software

HUMAC360 Main Menu

The HUMAC360 Exercise Guidance System shares the same software as the other HUMAC products. The menu driven HUMAC Software is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.

HUMAC360 Dashboard

The HUMAC360 can be used with and without protocols. To get a patient exercising immediately with visual feedback select Dashboard. From the Dashboard all of the HUMAC360 visual feedback displays are available. The most popular is Roadway.

HUMAC360 Roadway

The Roadway displays makes exercise easy and changing for both the new and experienced patients. The Roadway provides a real-time visual representation of the exercise performance the clinician is requesting. It includes the range-of-motion, the velocity, and the number of repetitions. Plus an accuracy rating monitors the patient's performance and places the display on hold if 3 repetitions do not meet the accuracy rating. Expect to hear comments like "now I see what you mean" when using the Roadway.

HUMAC360 Power vs. Time Curves

If you goal is to measure Functional Performance try using the Power vs. Time display. Enter the weight that patient or athlete will move in a vertical motion, set the range-of-motion, and press Go.