What exercise machines is the HUMAC360 compatible with?

The HUMAC360 is compatible with any linear motion machine for example a weight stack machine. To install simply attach the HUMAC 360 belt to the weight stack. As the weight moves so will the patient marker on the screen. Or you have a patient hold the belt in their hand during an arm curl or shoulder internal/external rotation.

Does the HUMAC360 include training?

The HUMAC360 does not include on-site training. If you like a phone in-service will be proved.

What is the HUMAC360 warranty?

The HUMAC360 includes a one year warranty

What happens if a software update is released?

The HUMAC360 includes a 90 day free software upgrades. If CSMi releases a new version of the HUMAC360 within 90 days of your purchase you can download it from our website at no charge.

Can I design my own exercise profiles?

Yes. The HUMAC360 includes the ability to create pacing and measurement protocols.

What type of computers is the HUMAC360 Compatible with?

The HUMAC360 is compatible with Windows 7 and 8 Operating Systems.

What is not included with the purchase of the HUMAC360 that I will need?

The HUMAC360 does not include a computer to run the software or a cart to hold the computer.