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What does the HUMAC Balance System include? - Write My Essay

HUMAC Balance System includes the HUMAC Balance Board, HUMAC Software, & HUMAC User Manual. To this you need to add a Computer running Windows XP, 7, or 8. - Write My Essay
Does the HUMAC Balance Board require batteries? - Write My Essay

No. The original batteries would last on 10 to 13 hours. In the clinic the HUMAC Balance Board is used all day so battery power was not a viable solution. For this reason we replaced the batteries with a USB Cable which allows the PC to power the sensors and read their output. - Write My Essay
Is a balance board from the gaming industry accurate and reliable enough for clinical and research use? - Write My Essay

Yes, a study by a team of researchers from Australia and Singapore addressed this exact question in a study. ‘Validity and reliability of the Nintendo Wii Balance Board for assessment of standing balance.’ Ross A. Clark, Adam L. Bryant, Yonghao Pua, Paul McCrory, Kim Bennell, Michael Hunt. Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, The University of Melbourne, Carlton, Victoria, Australia. Department of Physiotherapy, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore. - Write My Essay
What are the limitations of the HUMAC Balance? - Write My Essay

The Balance Board is designed for a maximum load of 330 lbs. No jumping - it is not a force plate. - Write My Essay
Can the HUMAC Balance System be used for concussion testing? - Write My Essay

Yes. The Clinical Test of Sensory Integration and Balance (CTSIB) and modified Clinical Test of Sensory Integration and Balance (mCTSIB) are used to perform baseline and follow-up concussion testing. The HUMAC Balance includes these test protocols. - Write My Essay - Write My Essay - Write My Essay